Open House???

So this weekend is the Philly Bike Expo. It is the 3rd year for the event and has turned out to be a cool event with all things bike related. It is more like the Seattle Expo than a handmade bicycle show. This is good since I can not really handle doing more than one show per year and the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is what I have opted to do. This being a local show means most people already know I exist and are welcome to visit the shop whenever they want. Speaking of visiting how do people feel about an open house?

If this Friday the shop was open to all guests would people attend? Should it be during the day or at night? Should I have food or just beverages? Is it even worth the effort? I figure some visiting framebuilders would like the opportunity to make a visit and break up the monotony of setting up a booth. Feel free to drop me a line if this is something you would like to happen.

Thanks for reading.



sounds cool, I know I can always stop by and check out what you are working on, but this sounds fun! Just for indie folks? Hope to see you soon!

Drew, I think it's a very big mistake by not being at the show. It gets a little bigger each year and receives national attention on many bicycle websites and blogs as well. It would be nice to show off your wares (besides NAHBS, where not everyone local can make it to) and help keep the show that much more interesting!

Represent Philly!


I understand what you are saying but I just can not make it work with the limited time I have available. I am giving a seminar and that is my contribution to the weekend.