So I knew it was last minute but figured I would still try. The open house idea is postponed til somewhere between Thanksgiving and New Years. I am leaning towards the first week in December. Well before the holidays but after Thanksgiving. I will put it up in the news maybe next week once it is finalized. Plus the extension should be done by then so the shop will look better and not as turned upside down.

This is Kirk's new cross bike. It has the Parabox braking system which IMO is really cool. The brakes feel amazing and worth having the hydraulics below the stem. They feel just as smooth as full hydro brakes. They are what we called ninetyraulics. That is when 90% of the system is hydraulic and 10% is run by the cable.


I also started Eric's 29R but have not had any photos posted yet. Tomorrow I will update that set.

Here is a before shot of the extension ( I won't show you how much junk was in there before it was empty):


Hopefully in a few weeks it will be full and the blast cabinet will be running!

Hard to believe it snowed this weekend last year. Yesterday was amazing weather.