Looking into the future everyone has a plan. What is your 5 year plan? Mine has a few changes. One of the big changes is to move to only offering titanium bicycles. I will be offering steel bicycles to all repeat customers. New however the goal is to remove the option of steel bicycles.

This is not because I do not like steel. It is because my personal goal has always been to make a bicycle the best I can. The best bicycle I can make is a titanium bicycle. It is light, strong, stiff in all the right ways and will never rust. It allows me to make a bicycle from start to finish and control faster delivery times. This all adds up to a happier customer base and a happier builder.

Recently I also got a new machine that will allow for butted tubing. This is a process called centerless grinding. It removes material from the middle section of the tubes to help save weight yet not compromise strength. It will be an offering on road and cross bicycles for most customers. There will always be exceptions when the butted tubes just won't work for the end user. But most can have this option for an additional $500. It can yield a road frame that can weigh as little as 2.5 lbs.

Soon I will get a gallery up that will show all the different decal options. Currently the color options are the following. Matte Black, Matte White, Red, Blue, Orange and Lime Green.

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful fall weather.

Thanks for reading.