How to define a bike?

Never been a big fan of the idea of giving bicycles a model short of it being a mountain bike, cross bike or a road bicycle. Then of course you field questions about your bikes and you discover that there could be a few separations in the bicycles that would help people get what it is you are trying to do. I am trying to make the best bicycles I can always with that end user in mind. Not everyone will want/need the same "model".

I have always been a bigger fan of calling the bikes tailor made instead of custom. I have an aesthetic and a way I make bicycles, that is not up for debate or change. The bicycle will however be tailored to the end user and what they want to achieve. Here comes the point of the post. I will be offering a design that uses butted titanium tubes in the front, oversized chainstays to get the best "get up and go" and seat stays that will allow for a lighter feel to the bike when seated. What will this be called? Signature model? That gives the impression that the others are of less quality (which they won't be). Race? That is again not what I am trying to get across. Custom? Just writing that makes me upset. So with that I will introduce a new bicycle at NAHBS and it will have all the features that I feel make the bikes the absolute best they can be. They probably won't have a name beyond the obvious. They will however be rather technically advanced and offer the best bicycle possible for someone looking for this type of machine.

Today I am going to weld the first of these bikes. It is a butted titanium disc cross bike. It will have a steel fork since nothing off the shelf will come close to working. Should be a rather cool bike when all built up.

Next item to be worked out is ceramic coating instead of liquid paint as an option on the titanium. It is super light, thin which helps the raw ti to coating transition and is tough as nails. More about that later.