EXPO report

The Philadelphia Expo was a success.

The weekend was Halloween so the theme seemed to be very festive and everyone appeared to be having a great time. I had a private open house for all the exhibitors which was also a very fun time. It was great to see people that I usually only see once a year at NAHBS. Mike Flanigan of ANT was a last minute addition to the exhibitor list which was very exciting.

I had a new booth and if I can figure out how to add photos from another person steam I will add some cool photos.

I am now deep into getting the bikes done that will be on display at NAHBS. One is done (Joey's 29R). Our personal tandem is done minus about a million hours of finish work and now I am doing Andy's stainless 29R. This bike will feature a belt drive and have a few of my new options for 2011. The first new thing is the 4 bolt removable face plate stem. I get lots of requests for this so it is finally here. A few photos from the start of the bike:

Stem lug

Dry fitting stem

seat post lug

Andy's super lugged 29R fork

fork crown

More later this week.