So it begins! I caved, or did I just accept the truth? Facebook seems to be many if not most peoples communication of choice. My webmaster has been hounding me to get this going.

So with that here is my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Engin-Cycles/120455914667809

It is new to me so please bare with me on adding content and such. I literally have not used anything on Facebook ever so it is all new to me.

This week I am wrapping up Andy's stainless 29R for NAHBS. These bikes are always a long haul but when done are very rewarding. They have an elegant yet bombproof quality to them. This bike is also getting a belt drive so I needed to get the belt in the frame after it is complete. I have been thinking about this since Andy ordered the bike last year and in the end I like the result. Simple and clean so it does not make the bike odd if not used. Here are some shots of the assembly.

outside of splitter

Inside of splitter

Rear stays with splitter