Front Rack

This little thing will take me longer than I want but will make me feel better than buying an off the shelf one. Keeping with my membership in SOPWAMTOS (Society Of People Who Actually Make Their Own Shit).

I already made one and tossed it because it was overbuilt and I did not like it. This one is more dainty and flows better. It will get another cross member up front and then onto the struts. I am not sure how I will attach it to the bike yet. Once I have the brakes in hand and put the fender on I will take a look and find a nice flowing design. The blue Smurf will be in all my photos now and it represents my son Jack. It will be my little "Where's Jack?".

Front rack

Also made David's stem and the fork is done. The fork has some added braze-ons for the wiring of the SON hub and eventually will get something that holds the front rack. It is a busy front end but the rest of the bike is super clean and purpose specific.

David's stem

Have a great Thanksgiving.