Personal day

I rarely take any additional days off but today (more like middle of the night) I started to feel ill and am hoping a day on the couch with some movies will get me back on track.

The holidays seem to get me every year and if I can stop this from becoming an issue I will be very happy. I think today will be worth the investment. The week is kind of a wash with Thanksgiving and all so no big loss. Sunday was Jack's Christening and was a very pleasant day but I think it kind of pushed me over the edge. He is getting big fast and it has been an incredible thing to witness. Hard to believe we will go an entire year and change and never actually hold a conversation. I am excited to have him with us at NAHBS so he can meet all our long distance friends.

The Facebook thing is currently not working correctly so bear with me as we try and get all the 1's and 0's figured out. I will be amazed if this finds its way onto my "wall".

No photos today since I am writing this from home.