Show Bikes

Each year I bring customers' bikes to shows like NAHBS and this year the Philadelphia Expo. This year the one thing that seems odd and a current trend is customers giving me carte blanche on the paint. As much as I love this it is beginning to stress me out that I need to come up with 5 original paint schemes that each customer will love. Luckily I have been given some good guidance from each person as to what colors or color they have a preference for.

The bikes are moving along and I might reach my goal of getting all the NAHBS bikes done by the end of the year. Then I will spend some time in January making a crate that will ship the bikes to Austin. We drove the last 2 years which was a blessing since when we were in Portland in 2008 I vowed I would not pack up bikes again. When you are tired from 3 days of standing and talking that is a rough end to a weekend. I will have to make a trip to my friend Jim Arthur and hopefully come up with something cool for the crate since he is a wizard with wood. Might even use his paint booth and give it a nice finish if there is time.

Joey's 29R went to paint, I am wrapping up Andy's stainless 29R and the tandem is kind of done but in reality is a side project for myself with a deadline of NAHBS. I have started David's road bike that will be used for PBP in 2011. After David is Jed's fillet brazed road bike. David's bike is a polar opposite of Andy's bike. Fully welded and totally purpose specific. A very welcome task after almost 3 weeks of making the stainless bike! Here are some photos of David's bike:

Deda replica tubeset

Double Diamond.

Making the drop out fit the fork blade.

David's fork (which is getting a front load)

60mm of rake!

Have a great weekend.