Where does the time go??

What a crazy year to date. On top of having our son Jack I have actually been rather prolific for a one man operation. I have made 32 bikes so far and that includes about 30 forks, stems and seat posts. I have also made a bunch of tools and somehow become a father as well. I do know where I acquired this time.

I have neglected one thing. Riding my bike. Even commuting has become difficult to fit in the schedule. Next year will be the year I hope to get back to a "routine" and add riding my bike so I can get back to a healthier state. Jack should be old enough to ride in a trailer which will really help.

I have been working on the front rack assembly for David's bike and have to say I am happy with the results so far. I have a few more hurdles to overcome but all in all it is going well and hopefully with blend in well with the rest of the bike. The dynamo hub and light are hard to keep clean but I feel the key is NO ZIP TIES! Here are some photos of Jack keeping an eye on things in the shop:

Jack checking out the rack.

Light mount

Front view