Monster Black

Always been a fan of the simplicity of the Ducati Monster Black. I am not totally a Ducati fan but that model captured out of the box what a lot of people were looking for. Simple, no thrills but well executed. This bicycle featured today is as stealth as a bicycle could be. The only de-branding we did was take the stickers off the DT rims. The rest is just a non in your face logo design. Almost an entirely USA and EU made bicycle. Tires, tubes handlebar, calipers and chain are the only exceptions. That seems like a lot but in truth that is a small percentage compared to the norm.

Martin is a professional violin maker in Queens,NY and I felt honored to make something for someone that also makes things with his hands. It was a pleasure to work with him and he hopefully will like his new bicycle.

There are no fenders on this bike because he said he has a bike for days it rains. At first that stuck me as a crazy idea but now I like the look and feel he made a good decision on the non fender approach. The handlebars are the narrowest I think they can go and still allow for total control of the bicycle.

The cable routing is always tricky with a Rohloff but I think this turned out great. All the cables running down the downtube and the chainstay. Everything on the left (non drive) side of the frame. It is kind of like a left/right mullet.

Stealth city bike

Chaos or Systematic?

Business side

Extended disc tab

I have welded Paul's 29R and am now working on the final brazing and then the stem and post. I should have it wrapped up by the end of the week. Next week is Shawn's Ti prototype!

Tacked and ready

BB weld

Cheers and hope everyone had a great holiday.