Product Development

Where have I been?? Well I have been working like a mad man trying to introduce some new products for next year. It was a hard decision but I have given up on the idea of a fully welded stainless MTB. It did however make me revisit the Ti bikes and have been working on getting everything where I like it.

These bikes will not show up on the scene til I feel they are 110% up to par and have zero compromise. I usually give myself an amount of time each year for this type of thing but this project has proven to go way beyond the few weeks I gave myself. New tooling is needed, fixtures and equipment. I still have more work but have finally finished a prototype that will get ridden. It lacks the tire clearance I want but I have that about 95% figured out. I need a new chainstay mitering fixture and some adapters for my seat stay fixture, etc, etc.

The drop out is where I have always felt the Ti bikes fall short. I hate the look of a welded drop out. I like a smooth transition from stay to drop out. After recycling an incredible amount of material I think I finally have a drop out that does not make me sad. Now the question is will it hold up?

Geared Ti prototype

Finished drop outs

It is weird welding on "braze-ons" and having a bike go from the welding stand to the repair stand (not literally but you get my point).

I have a few more MTB prototypes and then I will make a few cross bike prototypes. If all goes well this will be a 2012 offering.

I now need to thank all the people I have bugged and have kindly offered up help with both product and knowledge.

Mark Norstad for some care packages.
Rody Walters for help and care packages
Jim Kish
Jeff Buchholz
Darren Crisp

Everyone has been a great help and I appreciate it.

Thanks for reading.



The drop outs came out looking pretty sweet. Looks like its almost torture test time...

...Another Engin bicycle that I'll be lusting over. I do like the look of these newer paragon dropouts and the rockers will look so much better than traditional sliders. I look forward to reading about your progress on these frames. Thanks for the good reading and providing so many lustworthy frames.