The new look

After many hours of thinking, drawing, talking, computing, calling and who knows what else the new drop out is finally here. These are the steel version which were sent so I can proof them and see if there are any issues before getting a run of titanium ones made. Big huge props to both Peter Verdone and Ricky at Cantabridgian Mechanics. Peter did a killer job with the design work and Ricky and the folks in his shop did a great job with the machine work. OK enough talking here they are.

steel 29R in the works

This is a bike I am making to see which way I want to construct the steel bikes. I might opt to build them with constant diameter stays the same as a titanium bike. It was designed and optimized for ti and the tapered stays will require a bit of material removal to get the look to flow.

New drop outs in 4130

The new look.

Curved for a little standover and a 100mm fork

The curved top tube was by chance. This rider needs more stand over to run 100mm of travel. I think it helps add to the bridge like look.

Last but not least here is the start of the tandem I will build in 2012. All I can say is it is a crazy cool bike and everyone should come to NAHBS in Denver to see what it is all about.


One more note. The plan is to have the open house on December 14th. That is a Friday. Next post will have more info on that.