Shop renovations

October 2012 will go down as the worst month in my 40 years on this planet. November 2012 needed to be way better to offset how crappy October was. That prompted the start of the scheduled renovation. 500 sq. ft. of space added and tons of moving stuff around and organizing the shop to have a better flow.

It started two weeks to the day and was really kick started by a visit from Simon Firth for a day of help. Having three people on the job is really important when framing out a 12 ft.+ high ceiling. Then the next two weeks were Dan, Ed and myself chugging away at the project. Trips to metal scrap and the salvage yard, endless trips to Home Depot, the plumbing supply store and all kinds of other random stores. The end result was without a doubt worth it! Shoulder room is not something I am familiar with but it is a very welcome change. Enough writing, here are some pictures:

Much, much more space.

95% done

So close

Needs a sound proof closet!

Tool and stuff making station.

Today I finished Jake's new bike. It is the first bike that got the start to finish treatment in the shop. First frame done in the blast cabinet:

Jake's frame

Brushed logo

This photo is just because I love my son and think he is cute:

Jack thinking about the future.

Thanks for reading. I promise to be back on track now that the worst month ever is done and the renovation is almost complete.