Humble Beginnings

So it begins, the first NAHBS bike is FINALLY started.

I got started on Chuck's bike today. It should be a cool rig. It is more or less a replica of the 953 bike I did earlier this year. Suspension corrected fork (with a lugged segmented crown), lugged 953 stem, lugged 953 seat post, lugged 953 29R frame. I guess you got the theme of the bike. Lugs and stainless steel. These bikes are really time consuming and the first step is spending time at the lathe. It requires all the lugs to be made from scratch. Here is the front end after mitering (another crazy thing to watch since the 953 blasts a hole saw in one go) with the segments that will ultimately make the lugs.

Chuck's 953 NAHBS 29R 001

Tomorrow is finish work on the bike for John so I can get it off to paint.