Lugs from scratch

Chuck's bike gets all made from scratch lugs (except the seat post lug).

I did however cut the seat post lug quite a bit to match the theme of the other lugs. The stem, post and fork are ready to go to Spectrum Powder Works. The task now is making all the lugs for the frame. Here is the seat lug after welding, grinding and shaping. I think it looks rather cool.

Stem and Post

Seat Lug

Seat Lug

Moms will always be moms. I think my mom witnessed a few too many articles of clothing with holes in them and finally made an executive decision. For Christmas she bought me this leather apron. I had it shortened so it is just above my knee. I have to say it is a super cool gift and I look forward to preserving what is left of my work clothes that are not trashed (actually a new batch arrived this Christmas as well). Thanks Mom.

X-Mas from Mom!!

New Years Eve is my anniversary so I am one of the few that look forward to it but for different reasons than the amateur drinkers of the world.