NAHBS bikes

Getting the extras done first. Stem and Fork progress.

Chuck's bike is one of those bikes that will always take longer than expected. The holidays are cutting into my time but I should have this bike done before the new year. Here is the progress of the stem and fork which both get made from scratch lugs and crown. The stem is about as much work as a bike but man do they look great when done.

Chuck's 953 NAHBS 29R 006

before and after

almost done

Stem lug blank

Stem lug


Have a great holiday.



I just found your website and I have to say your work is amazing. I would like to get a custom steel 29'er someday (can't do it right now) but I now know who I want to build it for me. You site is bookmarked and I will follow you blog.

Keep up the great work!