Split Ring

On the record. This is something I will offer for people. It costs $50 extra and I will only do it for people buying a bike.

This came up because the Rock Shox fork had a steerer that measured 28.9mm. I assume from the shot peening process it expanded the O.D. of the tube. Anyway the King top cap would not go over the steerer (like literally it got stuck). This got me interested in an idea I have always wanted to try. Putting the top cap on the lathe and making it work for a split ring from a Cane Creek 110 headset. Well here it is. I tried it first with this old cap we had and it worked perfect. I then did it with the silver cap from Les's new headset. Now he has best of all worlds. Split ring and King quality bearings!

John M. 29R press fit 30 009

John M. 29R press fit 30 010

This was the test piece:
John M. 29R press fit 30 011

Here is John's bike after a marathon day of welding and brazing. It is a cool bike and I hope he rides the crap out of it.

John M. 29R press fit 30 016

John M. 29R press fit 30 015

John M. 29R press fit 30 014