Winter Wonderland

First snow of the season. Bad for x-mas business, good for cleaning.

First Snow

Since the bike shop is slower this time of year Adam has been on Harrison cleaning/fixing duty. The machine had some problems that were not explained at the time of purchase (the problem with buying over the interweb) so it required some fixing. The motor mounts were trashed and it appeared they had been running it with the motor crooked and the belts rubbing. Nothing permanent but annoying they did it none the less. The motor, variator and everything drive related has been removed and will get new parts once McMaster Carr gets us the order (which is ALWAYS 1 day). Here is a mid fix shot of Adam's winter project.

Harrison 10AA cleaning

Harrison 10AA cleaning

Harrison 10AA repair

Enjoy the snow if you are on the upper east and have a great weekend. I am going XC skiing and am very excited.