Heat pt.II

Today I had the wiring completed for the heating system. There was a 220 line needed for the water heater and a 120 line needed that then feeds the circulating pump and runs the fan behind the radiator.

I have always enjoyed electric work but tend to either run the wires and have my electrician double check my work or just completely have him do the work and just watch and help. Since this system was going to be on all the time and it needed some conduit work I figured it was best to have him do the work.

Tomorrow we will fill and bleed the system and then cross our fingers and flip the switch. I am so excited to have heat. Next I will insulate the ceiling but for now this is so much better than space heaters!

Wrapping up all the loose ends for the end of the year. I had a long reach caliper road fork I needed to build for Bob's bike that I completed today and now on to the tandem. Next week I have a cool project so check back for some nifty details on that.

Have a great new year. I got married on New Year's Eve so I always have fun plans and can avoid amateur night:)