Road Bikes

There is something sweet about a very straightforward road bike. Other than the ability to run 28c tires and having an ISP (integrated seat post) this bike is an "old man"-style traditional road bike. I say old man because the handlebars will have about 2cm of drop which IMO is about the perfect position for anyone not earning a paycheck to ride a bike.

This is the last of the NAHBS bikes and I might even reach my goal of getting it all done by the end of the year. Tomorrow I will add the head tube rings and some braze-ons. The fork, stem and ISP are already finished. Here are some photos of the bike right after I finished brazing it.

Time to soak it.

Head Tube fillets

Should look clean

Fast back.

Next Monday or Tuesday I should officially have heat. The electrics have to be wired and hooked up and then we'll need to fill and bleed the system. I am so excited to get the thermostat all set for 65 degrees starting at 9:00am!

Have a great holiday.