More Titanium

Somehow I have been rather prolific this year. Despite being a new dad and having a rather hectic life I have still actually kept ahead of schedule. This extra time has allowed me to forge ahead with my goal of having the Ti bikes ready for 2012. I am not rushing but have a goal and I really want to meet it. This week I am making a bike for my buddy Shawn who has always been one of my main test people. Shawn is a rather accomplished rider and has a rich history in the MTB world. His comments are always welcome and he has helped me get great feedback on how the bikes work. It also does not hurt that he punishes the bikes in what might be some of the roughest terrain in the country.

This bike will have the rocker drop outs which will be one of the few options I plan on offering. All the bikes will have the oversized head tube and I am still up in the air about the BB's. I might offer the threaded bb's as an option but only if the bike does not require a 1.75" DT to obtain the ride quality I am going for.

After some long days and some extra hours making tools this is the first attempt at giving them all a try. It was rather rewarding since they all worked as intended and the bike is now ready for the next step (cleaning and preparing for tacking).

If all goes well Shawn will be giving this bike some abuse as early as next weekend. Here are some photos from this week. It includes a steel bike I welded and the Ti bike I did all the machine work on.

Time for some breather holes

Nice curves.

Ti scraps.

BB welds

Time for brazing.

Have a great weekend.



psyched to ride this new Ti bike!!! will try and live up to the kind words posted above.