Current Work Archive

- 11/29/2018

Another year has come and gone, and the 2018 Philly Bike Expo is in the books! We got another great round of coverage of the Engin bikes featured in this year's show.

The Radivist took some great photos and did a nice write up on the purple all-road machine - check it out here.

- 12/12/2017

The Radavist ran a nice feature on Ryan's 27.5" hardtail following the Philly Bike Expo last month - this will bring you up to date on everything going into the 27.5" and 29" MTB's.

- 12/12/2017

Rather than list excuses for why we haven't updated the site in well over a year, we'll just say "stay tuned" as we plan to be much more active here starting.... now.

- 03/14/2016

I have been more than terrible at updating the blog.  Often I want to take it down but I have this feeling it could come back again (you know what is old is new again).  I have been so busy since the last post it is not even worth trying to catch up.  Instead I will just say what is new and great.  All mtb bicycles have the option of 12mm thru axles now.  Available in 142,148 (boost) and 157mm spacing.  The 157mm spacing is not very common but might become more so in time.  The boost is quickly becoming what might be the new common width for most mtb's.  

- 12/05/2014

I am sorry this blog is so inactive.  Please visit the Facebook page for daily updates and current work pictures.

- 05/01/2014

OK before I include a link I want to tell a story and have the context of a quote better explained.  When in the bike shop we cater to all likes of folks.  $300 hybrids and up.  This is the way it is and I have no issues with helping people pick out there new bike that will hopefully allow them to enjoy cycling on the weekends.  Every now and then someone comes in and does not know or care that we as a shop are very into bicycles and make it our job to know the most we can.  The interweb has allowed lots of people to find lots of information.

- 10/15/2013

Never been a big fan of the idea of giving bicycles a model short of it being a mountain bike, cross bike or a road bicycle. Then of course you field questions about your bikes and you discover that there could be a few separations in the bicycles that would help people get what it is you are trying to do. I am trying to make the best bicycles I can always with that end user in mind. Not everyone will want/need the same "model".

- 10/04/2013

Looking into the future everyone has a plan. What is your 5 year plan? Mine has a few changes. One of the big changes is to move to only offering titanium bicycles. I will be offering steel bicycles to all repeat customers. New however the goal is to remove the option of steel bicycles.

- 07/24/2013

I have been horrible about posting to the blog! I have on the other hand embraced Facebook for how easy it is to use. The blog suffered but if anyone is connected (via the social network) they see I have been doing updates. It has been mostly titanium which makes me really happy.

- 02/27/2013

Well sorry in advance for not updating the blog during the weeks approaching NAHBS. It was a hectic month and everything barely got done in time. It all did and I was rather proud of all the work that was there. Not much in the bells and whistles department but all good clean fabricating with a lot of hidden little touches. It was nice to get the titanium bikes in the media and get the word out.