Current Work Archive

- 01/22/2013

Man, where does the time fly?? I have been working and working and still feel like I will be going nuts up til the moment the van pulls out for Denver and I board a plane the next day to head to NAHBS.

- 01/08/2013

So this past weekend the folks at Lone Wolf Cycling (a start up clothing company) had an event that proved to be a rather large happening. I received a call early last week from a buddy asking if he could borrow my bike. I figured since I am lame and barely have time to ride no better way to become part of the action than lending a bike!

I also received a few ride reports from others and felt a need to blog about them. It is nothing short of a cut and paste but here are two reports and some photos to match:

- 12/04/2012

I am having an open house December 14th (that is a Friday). The plan is to have people start showing up around 4:30pm and then stay til I feel the need to ask all to go home (quietly). All joking aside I would love to get an idea of who is interested in coming so I have a rough head count.

If all goes well we will have a keg of Eric Morgan's home brew (which is always worth having) and some pizza and other snack like items. The bulk of the shop is heated but there are also non heated areas so if the weather gets nasty please be prepared to keep your jacket on.

- 11/30/2012

After many hours of thinking, drawing, talking, computing, calling and who knows what else the new drop out is finally here. These are the steel version which were sent so I can proof them and see if there are any issues before getting a run of titanium ones made. Big huge props to both Peter Verdone and Ricky at Cantabridgian Mechanics. Peter did a killer job with the design work and Ricky and the folks in his shop did a great job with the machine work. OK enough talking here they are.

- 11/20/2012

October 2012 will go down as the worst month in my 40 years on this planet. November 2012 needed to be way better to offset how crappy October was. That prompted the start of the scheduled renovation. 500 sq. ft. of space added and tons of moving stuff around and organizing the shop to have a better flow.

- 10/25/2012

So I knew it was last minute but figured I would still try. The open house idea is postponed til somewhere between Thanksgiving and New Years. I am leaning towards the first week in December. Well before the holidays but after Thanksgiving. I will put it up in the news maybe next week once it is finalized. Plus the extension should be done by then so the shop will look better and not as turned upside down.

- 10/23/2012

So this weekend is the Philly Bike Expo. It is the 3rd year for the event and has turned out to be a cool event with all things bike related. It is more like the Seattle Expo than a handmade bicycle show. This is good since I can not really handle doing more than one show per year and the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is what I have opted to do. This being a local show means most people already know I exist and are welcome to visit the shop whenever they want. Speaking of visiting how do people feel about an open house?

- 10/03/2012

So it begins. We will call it a soft opening. I am taking orders for titanium bicycles and am now fulfilling orders for people that were in the queue and opted to wait til I was ready to offer titanium. The single speed bikes are now official since I have received my order for the Paragon rockers made to my wanted spec. The geared bicycles are waiting for my new drop outs which will hopefully go into production at the weeks end.

- 09/20/2012

Which was better (or worse) the El Camino or the Brat? Then there is the Wrangler which to be honest is another useless car (truck) that is designed to hold both passengers and cargo. Most things designed to do more than one task tends to fall short in one area or even worse all the areas it was designed for. The El Camino is a terrible truck as is the Brat. The Wrangler is a horrible vehicle for the 3rd and 4th passenger and if you were fortunate enough to fit all 4 people then the cargo better be real slim because you have enough space for maybe 1 sleeping bag and a 2 man tent.

- 09/08/2012

Sorry for the absence. It has been crazy recently. I successfully took a few days off with the family and we went to the Shenandoah National Park. It was a short trip but very much welcome and the park has a great history and was really cool. We lucked out and missed all the foul weather. Next chunk of big news is the family is expanding. We are expecting another child at the end of Feb. which should make both NABHS and its preparation rather crazy!

I will give a brief list of the things that need to get done which is beyond the standard duties: