Current Work Archive

- 04/05/2010

A few weeks ago I posted "fillets". Now I will enter welds.

I like all forms of joinery and also really like having the ability to do all of them. TIG welding has lots of uses and one of them is speed. Not many will deny that TIG welding was introduced into the bicycle manufacturing world to speed things up a bit. Once the lug was not as common it was easier to TIG weld a bicycle than use fillets and spend time with finish work. I like that TIG welding just puts your work out there for the people to see.

- 04/03/2010

I have a few road bikes in a row. I am excited about all of them.

First one is a "weekend warrior" style bike. It is a bike that is hopefully going to be zippier and lighter than Brian's light tour/commuter bike. He wants this bike for the weekend rides when he is not loaded down. Carbon fork, fast back styling and fully TIG welded. Super straight forward bike with an exact purpose. I like that.

Here is Brian's bike after tacking and an alignment check. Next I add more tacks and weld it in the correct sequence.

- 03/30/2010

Making fillets smooth. They sure look nice once done.

I do like the look of fillet brazed bikes. There is a certain industrial beauty in TIG welding but something about a smooth fillet that just works with a bicycle.

- 03/26/2010

We rented bikes on vacation and it was bitter sweet.

How else could someone explore an entire island for $12 in one day? Car seems really boring and lame, walking takes forever and that is why they invented the bicycle. We rented some really rough bikes and it was very apparent I am a bike snob. I enjoyed the entire day but man did I think to myself this bike is a real junker.

- 03/18/2010

Owen's stem and post all done.

I always prefer to get the stem and post done before starting construction on the frame. That way when done with the frame it is shipped off and you are ready to begin the next bike.

- 03/13/2010

I am having a new bicycle built.

I am fortunate enough to be trading a new frame,fork, stem and seatpost for another builders frame, fork, stem and seatpost. I am not revealing who the builder is. I am going to show pictures of my new bike. Curious if anyone can guess the builder based on the photos. The shop is kind of the give away.

- 03/10/2010

I hope this weather is here to stay!

I have ridden my bike 3 of the last 4 days. That is amazing for those that don't realize 1) the insane # of hours I worked for the last 3 months 2) how nasty the winter has been and 3) that I can actually do it considering I have not ridden for 2 months. That was the longest I have gone not riding a bike in like 20 years. Trust me I regret it and I feel it!

- 03/03/2010

After a short delay from NAHBS it is back to work.

I have a few mtb's and then it is road bikes for a good while. I am excited that the road bikes are all in a row since it allows me to leave the machines set-up for things like the seat stays and chain stays. The next 5 bikes are the following. Michael which is in the fixture, Owen 29R, Rick 29R, Brian road and Jeff road.

- 03/01/2010

I have a laundry list of thanks so if I miss someone I am sorry.

First and foremost I want to thank my lovely wife Andrea for dealing with me over the last few months. Next is my family (both sides). They don't really understand what it is I do nor do they read this blog (I always wonder if anyone reads it) but they have always been my biggest fans! I also have to mention my employees (or as Curtis Inglis says "my peeps") for all the hard work leading up to the show.

- 02/25/2010

I am about to head over to the shop and finish packing the truck.

Huge props to my employees of the bike shop. The truth is I would never get it all done without them. Ed, Adam and Joe came through big time and we have unofficially finished everything that needs to get done. Yesterday was a real marathon day.

Another prop goes out to Chuck U. the photographer that takes all the photos on the site (well except my quick snaps with my trusty Cannon G10). The last 3 days he spent taking pictures of the show bikes since some of them won't return for proper photos.