Current Work Archive

- 02/24/2010

Here is a small teaser for the weekend.

Here is Chuck's bike after final assembly. All the logos are etched in the stainless and I think it turned out really cool. For someone that thinks yellow is one of my least favorite colors I think this bike looks amazing. Tomorrow I will show a teaser of one more bike.

- 02/20/2010

Warren and Woody's tandem has maxed out my capacity in every way.

The fixture can barely handle the size of the bike, the tubes were butting against the machines next to them during machining and when I weld it I bet it is a real tough thing to deal with.

- 02/17/2010

MAJOR props to my painter Todd Eroh. I made his job super hard this week.

Having sent him Andrea's bike last week and Carl's bike this week I really asked for a lot. He is super cool and was kind enough to not lecture me about how hard it is to get all this stuff done in time. I try to give credit to Todd as much as possible. He is a great guy and he always brings my vision to life. Here is an inside peek at his booth where he lays down layer after layer of goodness.

- 02/12/2010

Carl opted for a NAHBS bike so I am keeping some of the photos to a minimum.

I will however show this detail shot of the brake bridge. I have not noticed anyone else doing this shape with the bridge enforcement and I like how the upper section follows the radius of the bridge and the lower section gives a nice accent. I hope Carl likes it as well since it is his bike!

- 02/10/2010

It has snowed again and we are stuck indoors (not indoors at the shop but indoors at home).

I should still get everything done before needed but I was all set to get Carl's bike brazed/welded (BB area is being welded for the PF30). It will need to wait til tomorrow.

- 02/08/2010

I kind of thrive on deadlines and this one is going to be close.

Carl's bike is all mitered and ready to be cleaned up and tacked. It is a fillet brazed bike so it is high on the finish work department. If I get that bike off to Todd by the week's end I will feel good. The weather around here has a different theory however. We are having a "real" winter and this week looks like it might add some inches to our overall snow accumulation.

Here is Carl's bike after all the machine work:

- 02/04/2010

Chuck U. was in the shop today and we hopefully captured a few cool moments.

I like having photos of my process at the show so people can see first hand how the bikes are made. It is a hard task for all involved since Chuck wants the lighting perfect, I prefer working in the shop without distractions and lastly we both end up tripping over each other because the place gets filled up real fast. Here is a snapshot of Chuck getting ready to take a few shots of one step during the making of a stem.

- 02/02/2010

Seems I like adding some pressure to the situation. NAHBS is just around the corner.

Andrea's bike should be done Thursday and then I need to get going on Carl's road bike. Bunch of stuff came back from paint, my new hardware for the seat posts got here and I needed to flip that instantly for the anodizer and lastly I was having issues getting all the parts I needed for the NAHBS bikes. My friends at IF pulled through and saved the day with an Edge fork for Carl's bike.

- 01/28/2010

Andrea's bike is moving along nicely.

- 01/24/2010

I am building my wife Andrea a new bike for her birthday.