Current Work Archive

- 01/22/2010

Not many people weld and braze. I love brazing.

Finish work can be time consuming but the better the fillet the less the effort. Here is a fillet for Kevin's stem. It should not take much to clean up.

Stem fillet

- 01/13/2010

There is a reason I charge 3 times as much for stainless.

- 01/09/2010

First day back after fighting a sinus infection and nasty cold.

Brazed Chuck's bike today. Here it is after tacking and getting ready to braze.

- 01/06/2010

I rarely take days off but now I have been forced into it.

- 12/30/2009

Here is Chuck's BB lug after welding, cutting and some smoothing out.

Lug Blank w/ ST socket

- 12/29/2009

Chuck's bike gets all made from scratch lugs (except the seat post lug).

I did however cut the seat post lug quite a bit to match the theme of the other lugs. The stem, post and fork are ready to go to Spectrum Powder Works. The task now is making all the lugs for the frame. Here is the seat lug after welding, grinding and shaping. I think it looks rather cool.

- 12/23/2009

Getting the extras done first. Stem and Fork progress.

Chuck's bike is one of those bikes that will always take longer than expected. The holidays are cutting into my time but I should have this bike done before the new year. Here is the progress of the stem and fork which both get made from scratch lugs and crown. The stem is about as much work as a bike but man do they look great when done.

- 12/19/2009

First snow of the season. Bad for x-mas business, good for cleaning.

First Snow

- 12/16/2009

So it begins, the first NAHBS bike is FINALLY started.

- 12/15/2009

On the record. This is something I will offer for people. It costs $50 extra and I will only do it for people buying a bike.