Current Work Archive

- 12/10/2009

John lives in Maryland and this bike is really going to excel in places like Fair Hill and White Clay.

I don't really think there is an East coast West coast style bike but the single speed is just the perfect bike for those trails. The rigid fork is also a joy to ride since the trails are less rocky and it makes the up hills much easier (IMO).

Today I did all the machine work for the frame. Now I have everything mitered including the stem and fork. Tomorrow I will make the fork and the stem if I have a chance.

- 12/09/2009

Which is Better BB30 or Press Fit 30???

After building a few BB30 bikes with the snap ring and insane boring tolerances I can say nobody can charge enough for this process. Plus it still has flaws. Then comes SRAM with the Press Fit 30.

The Press Fit 30 is similar to the concept that Shimano is using. It is a nylon sleeve that hosts the bearings and does not require snap rings or any other crazy stuff. It gives you a nice big BB shell for larger tubes, no counter miters and lastly does not require a tolerance that is +/- .001" !

- 12/07/2009

Sold my South Bend lathe. Making room for a new toolroom lathe.

- 12/04/2009

1 more bike before I start the NAHBS bikes.

This full suspension bike is done and now I have a BB30 29R that will be living in Maryland. That bike is a full frame, fork, stem and post as well as fillet brazed. Hopefully it will not take longer than usual. I really need to get started on the bikes for NAHBS. It will be down to the wire as usual.

- 11/28/2009

At the request of Shai here is the drop out detail

These drop outs took forever but I think they look worth it.

George's disc road 014

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


- 11/25/2009

I did not think this was popular but man are people into this bike. I think the fork will be a really nice finishing touch.

Here is the bike after welding today. I did like 4 hours of practice on the new machine and eventually felt all was cool.

- 11/24/2009

Picked up the new welder today. First up is getting the settings just right.

I fired it up and read the manual so I could get familiar with the machine. It is a transformer machine unlike my other (now broken) machine which was an inverter. The difference between the machines is rather noticeable and I spent the end of the day getting a few practice joints under my belt. Tomorrow I will run some more and then onto the many projects waiting for the new welder.

Here is the first joint with no pulser so it is literally just the machine turned on and set at 125amps:

- 11/23/2009

I have lost a few days from my welder breaking.

I was allowing someone to use my welder and the result was 4 days in the repair shop and a phone call that it is VERY broken. The repair is not worth the risk IMO and I have decided to buy a new welder. Tomorrow I am going to pick up my new Syncrowave 200DX. It is bigger, heavier and louder than my old machine but according to the technician it is repairable unlike my inverter machine. Funny thing is they get rave reviews. I will never buy another inverter machine.

- 11/18/2009

The queue is growing rapidly.

Not that you look but I have been changing the queue over the past few weeks. I tend to give about 2 weeks for each bike. I try really hard to keep on track but it is never guaranteed. The one thing I really want to offer is bikes for next cross season. That is almost over. I have one bike available that will be done by next September. After that it is well into cross season and I won't get it delivered.

- 11/16/2009

What category does that fall into??

It is not a cross bike. Not a regular road bike. Not the best commuter. It is a bike that I personally would love to own and ride on many, many rides. It will be equip with BB7 road calipers and Panaracer Pasela 28c tires. A good combo for hitting those unpaved roads. Should be a really cool bike. Here it is in the fixture. Once the drop outs for the fork show up I will get that started.