Current Work Archive

- 11/14/2009

Not all things framebuilding are glorious.

A good portion of the job requires abrasives and other jobs that make dirt, require a respirator and are just plan gross. This room has bench grinders, wire wheels, buffers, blast cabinet, abrasive chop saw, belt/disc sander and lastly (and possibly the hardest tool to keep in here) the angle grinder. I am giving this room a bit of a face lift because it is too nasty in there and needs more lighting.

- 11/11/2009

Les's bike should be done tomorrow.

I have welded Les's bike today. It was a rather full day under the helmet. I welded the bike, made and welded the bridge and the brace.

It turned out great and I really look forward to Les's ride report.

Here is the bike after all the welding.

- 11/09/2009

This is not really a shameless self promotion. It is a plug for NAHBS.

This is the new poster for the 2010 NAHBS. I will give huge props to Chuck U. for the as always killer photography and Nick U. for the great design work. I am rather flattered that I was given the opportunity to work on this project and I hope people like the new poster.

- 11/05/2009

If you did not notice I like machines. Here are some cool pictures of 2 of them in action helping make Les's 29R.

Les is a long time friend that moved away awhile ago. He only moved to Delaware but when he lived 2 blocks away it was much easier to hang out. He decided this year he wanted a new bike and I am psyched to be the person making it for him. I think he is going to love it. I know it will get ridden VERY often.

- 10/31/2009

Tools are always good. Some can be bought (which always saves time) and some need to be made.

- 10/28/2009

Next 3 bikes are 29R's.

After those three 29R's I have a disc road bike (is that a 29R?) and then the NAHBS bikes. I will once again be cutting it close for the NAHBS bikes but what else is new. For the people wondering here is the list so you know were you are and when you might want to get in touch. Jimmy's bike almost wrapped up. Then Les, John, Eli, George, Warren and Woody's Tandem (NAHBS), Carl (NAHBS), Chuck (NAHBS) and then the surprise bike!!

- 10/21/2009

To those people that attended the open house I hope you had a good time.

Eric's beer did not seem to last long since all 5 gallons were consumed before mid evening. The last people left at 10pm and Andrea and I still have some food left.

There were lots of faces I have never seen which is a great thing. I hope you enjoyed my humble abode.

Wrapping up all the cross bikes this week. I have extra stems done for people, seat posts for others and the last thing is a repair. Once that is complete I might feel somewhat caught up.

- 10/16/2009

Eric's frame after tacking and alignment check.

The bike got tacked but I did not have enough time to weld it. Maybe tomorrow but I think it will be nice having a tacked but un-welded frame at the open house. People like looking at stuff like that. I just have to keep everyone's oily hands away from it!!

Spent some of the day attempting to clean and I think I made it worse. Tomorrow I will finish the task at hand.

- 10/15/2009

Eric's bike is a bit of a hybrid. A back up bike for cross that he will ride to work.

The frame will have 1 water bottle mount (he swears it is for his coffee thermos) and fender mounts even with horizontal drop outs. The fenders are secondary and he knows they will require quick disconnects to get the rear wheel out with ease. The rest of the bike is going to be identical to his geared cross bike. Tomorrow after I tack it and weld it I will put up some photos.

- 10/14/2009

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week.

I have been trying very hard to get lots done. The painter is backed up a bit beyond what I would like but it makes no sense to bug him about it. Delays happen and really there is no reason to get upset. I learned my lesson this past year to start the cross bikes WAY sooner than I think is correct. It is the most cross bikes I have had to build and I thought I would get through them quicker than I did.