Current Work Archive

- 10/07/2009

Kirk's bike is done. I need to finish the stem but the frame is done.

He is going with a carbon fork that will get painted to match and I have already made the "seat post". The bike is rather light and I think the "track" drop outs look nice. These are the ones with the bottle opener on the non drive side and knowing Kirk it will get used.

- 10/06/2009

Some final brazing and then off to the painter.

Had a good day behind the helmet. This bike is almost finished. I welded the entire bike and will braze the drop outs in a bit. Then onto the stuff that makes it a cross bike. Canti studs, cable hanger and some other fun bits.

- 10/05/2009

Today I received two wonderful e-mails from people who have my cross bike. Here is a cut and paste of the two e-mails.

From the latest cross bike out the door:

Lady Blue is awesome!! What a great bike! On her maiden voyage, she delivered me to a 2nd place finish! I was a little nervous having not been able to get out on Saturday and having the first ride be a race, but she is so smooth and buttery and solid in the corners and responsive and quick and stiff all in one package. She fits like a glove too! Love, love, love it. Thanks so much for everything!!

- 10/01/2009

Best S-Bend chainstay to date. Took a while but here they are.

After a first run that was not very desirable (I did not use any of them) I took a gamble and ran my Deda inventory REALLY low hoping the new (like just finished this week) 29R chainstay would be good. They are way beyond good. The bend for the tire is perfect, the finish is great and they have lots of meat at the drop out (i.e. disc brake) end and are good and light at the BB end. Very exciting day. Ben at True Temper is great and makes me feel like he pays attention.

- 09/30/2009

I NEVER ride my geared mtb. I always wanted to have a single speed cross bike.

I had intentions of building myself one this year but it got sidelined. I think Kirk is going to rip it up with one gear. He is like a diesel engine when it comes to his riding style. He never speeds up super fast but can really keep it going. He came in 2nd in the expert mtb single speed series this past year. Maybe this will help continue the trend.

The frame is all mitered and ready for prep before tacking.

- 09/29/2009

I fell a bit behind this year due to a crazy summer.

In turn I tried really hard to catch back up but still wanted this last CX bike done in Sept. I do not see that happening! Anyway I hope to have it done by weeks end.

- 09/28/2009

Had a marathon day in the shop trying to get Wade's bike done.

Today I welded Wade's bike, brazed the seat stays, bridge, canti studs, and cable hanger. Then did some finish work on the drop outs. It was great to be back to work and getting stuff done.

- 09/21/2009

This is the stem for Greg's road bike in Canada.

I was a bit concerned about Greg and his stem length. He changed his riding position 3 times during the wait for his frame to be built. He then changed his mind many times about the style bike he wanted. I felt the stem needed to be something he felt confident about and waiting until he rode the bike. It only took him a week but glad we waited for the size and style. A 110mm zero rise stem in the making:

- 09/17/2009

Bikes at Interbike. Mine will be at Edge Composites.

It would be impossible to have a booth at Interbike but it is always nice to have product there. Others feel Interbike is a waste of time since it is all retailers and industry folks.

- 09/16/2009

The never ending quest for improvement. The seat post version 2.

I have worked with a machinist in Ohio (Andy) that works with bicycle people and still produces in the U.S.A. The new hardware is now using a single bolt and it's much easier to install the saddle. It also has more going on inside that ensures a perfect fit. This post below is for Andy to put on his bike and test. It is going to be an upgrade available to all existing owners of the seat post (price not determined but it won't be bad).