Current Work Archive

- 09/14/2009

Andrea (aka Andy) and I went away for a long weekend.

It unfortunately rained 3 of the 4 days but we still had a very pleasant time away. The leaves are starting to change and we got a little taste of New England at its finest. Stayed at Kendall Square in Boston and then worked our way down towards Philadelphia. Stopped along the way and had great visits with friends. Here is a dinner we had with Carl Schlemowitz of Vicious Cycles in New Paltz, NY.

- 09/09/2009

Cutting it close.

Cross season is kind of here but I still have time to get the last few bikes done before racing begins. Wade lives in Texas but originally is from PA. His final destination is unknown so the bike is an all rounder. It apparently is hot in Texas so he said the bottle option has to be used (such a shame!). Next is ample tire clearance and lastly is built to handle his "I am out of shape" fitness level. I have known Wade a long time and he is still plenty fit and loves to race his bike.

- 09/08/2009

Bike Polo World Championships. First stop Philadelphia.

Went down to Kensington this past weekend and watched the Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Championships. Montana a former employee of mine was one of the leading forces behind bringing this event to Philadelphia. I think he did a great job and kudos for stepping up for a first time event. Small events are not easy to organize and not loosing money is always hard. I hope it was a success for him and crew.

- 09/04/2009

Really it is Thursday for me since I work on Saturday.

Either way I look forward to beer o'clock and nice evening out with my wife Andrea. Jeff's bike is out of the fixture, tacked and alignment checked. Next the bridge was mitered and set for just after I finish welding it. Should be off to paint on Tuesday just after the holiday.

- 09/02/2009

The Chevron bridge has become somewhat of a signature piece of mine.

I did this for the first time in an attempt to make the contact points of the bridge lower than the actual clearance of the bridge. I feel the lower the contact point the more free stiffness you get. Similar to the use of a curved bridge. They are more effort but people like them and so do I. Here is Jeff's bridge after mitering, welding and cleaning up.

- 09/01/2009

Last part of the machining process is the I.S.P.

The frame is all mitered and set. Matching seat stays with some nice s-bends. Jeff is tall and long so this bike should offer great shoulder room in a running section. Tomorrow I will spend some time on the lathe and make the extended seat tower.

- 08/31/2009

Finding the fine line between stiff and comfortable.

- 08/28/2009

Jeff's mini post and stem for his cross bike.

Jeff's CX bike 008

- 08/27/2009

German Engineering at its finest!


- 08/25/2009

Humble beginnings of a CX bike.

I like to build the fork, stem and post before beginning the frame. Something rewarding about finishing the frame and knowing the project is complete. Getting a frame done and having a few more days of work on that project always seems defeating.

Here are Jeff's fork blades getting mitered. They are first pre-cut on the cold saw so they fit in the fixture.