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- 08/21/2009

Nice clean lines and no zip ties.

Once painted and cables run, the internal routing makes for a very nice and clean look.

After soaking off the flux (kind of like a stent):


After finish work:



- 08/20/2009

Today's color of the day is brown.

Lots of pick-ups this week. The white road bike got photographed and picked up today (much better photos to follow). Here is Paul's 29R after assembly. There are no grips because I am going to tell Paul the handlebars are too narrow and we should change them (are you reading Paul?). The frame is David's frame back from Spectrum. Should be ready to ship out tomorrow.


I think Todd did a great job matching the anodized parts:


- 08/19/2009

This is for Denny at Hayes Brakes.



I call this dedication. It is not dedication for rigid fork riding but dedication to the idea of internal brake routing. Adam will have a third brake for his suspension fork. This fork will have a dedicated brake.


That is a fillet right after I stopped brazing it. Here it is after soaking the flux off.


- 08/19/2009


[flickr-photo:id3834785016=,size=m] [flickr-photo:id=3833991029,size=m]

- 08/18/2009

HammerSchmidt in the form of a 2sp MTB hardtail...

Lots of photos:








Any Questions???


- 08/17/2009

The little things that matter.


Who knows how old this light is. The head unit is from a different light (but same model) than the extending arm. This light has crazy maneuverability and a very unique design. I have lots of different lights on the machines but this is far and away the best and strangest one.


The front end of this bike is the easy part. Now onto making the chainstays and ensuring they clear the ISCG guide with the shift box for the HammerSchimdt.

- 08/15/2009

Slight shift in the queue.

I will have a bike in the Edge Composites booth at Interbike. The original plan was to have one of the cross bikes from the queue but they have requested a MTB. The first mtb in the queue after my cross bikes is going to get bumped forward but honestly after this bike returns from Interbike it might be right on schedule.

It is going to be a bicycle that will have a single speed layout but will also have an ISCG mount for the Hamerschmidt. I will put up some photos when I begin the bike on Monday.

- 08/13/2009

Drop outs with the finish treatment.


The finish work involved with drop outs is one of those things that I feel separates a tailor made bicycle from a production bicycle. The transition of the stay to drop out is nicely tapered to blend in.


- 08/12/2009

Paragon is currently out of the cable stops I use for cantilevers and I unfortunately did not realize I was out until it was too late. So I made a cable stop for Lisa's bike.

[flickr-photo:id=3816173348,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=3815362633,size=s]

The one sided stops make a ton of sense and are very light. This actual one is even lighter than the Paragon version. It is made from some random scraps, a standard single stop and brass.

Her bike is almost finished. Just needs some finish work and final checks.


- 08/11/2009

Curvy Stays


I am new to this blogging thing so tell me if it gets boring.

I like the look of s-bent stays but only do them when it is required. Cross bikes and MTB's really need s-bent chainstays and it always looks nice with a matching seat stay. As for road bikes I really prefer the look of a straight stay with fastback seat stays, they look fast!

Thanks for reading.