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- 08/19/2009

This is for Denny at Hayes Brakes.

Adam's 29R 012

- 08/19/2009

Adam's 29R 004Adam's 29R 005

- 08/18/2009

HammerSchmidt in the form of a 2sp MTB hardtail...

Lots of photos:

Adam's 29R 004

- 08/17/2009

The little things that matter.

Adam's 29R 001

- 08/15/2009

Slight shift in the queue.

I will have a bike in the Edge Composites booth at Interbike. The original plan was to have one of the cross bikes from the queue but they have requested a MTB. The first mtb in the queue after my cross bikes is going to get bumped forward but honestly after this bike returns from Interbike it might be right on schedule.

It is going to be a bicycle that will have a single speed layout but will also have an ISCG mount for the Hamerschmidt. I will put up some photos when I begin the bike on Monday.

- 08/13/2009

Drop outs with the finish treatment.

Lisa's cross bike 027

The finish work involved with drop outs is one of those things that I feel separates a tailor made bicycle from a production bicycle. The transition of the stay to drop out is nicely tapered to blend in.

- 08/12/2009

Paragon is currently out of the cable stops I use for cantilevers and I unfortunately did not realize I was out until it was too late. So I made a cable stop for Lisa's bike.

- 08/11/2009

Curvy Stays

Lisa's cross bike 021

I am new to this blogging thing so tell me if it gets boring.

- 08/10/2009

Tacked and ready.

Lisa's cross bike 019

Here we have Lisa's bike after tacking, alignment check and wheel check. Now I will weld/braze it and then move onto the bridge and canti bosses.

- 08/09/2009

Welcome to the new website.

Greg's road bike

This will be a blog of sorts that will document customers bikes, process, tools and some random stuff. I hope you enjoy browsing the new site and feel free to sign up and add some comments.

Thanks for reading.