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- 07/06/2012

I am not giving up on the Phillies but last night was the first time I actually said I would have been better off not listening (I don't have cable so I listen to games on the radio) to that game. Having an overpaid closer blow what was probably the most important game of the season was so painful!

- 06/19/2012

I am finishing up the design of David's 29r and did not want to slow down on my post house renovation roll. I had all the needed items to get started on my next Ti bike so I went right to it. George recently got a new bicycle from me and told me after getting this bike that he would NEVER ride his other bike again. As much as this is a compliment it was difficult since I know everyone needs more than one bike:)

- 06/13/2012

650B ride report and more. I have been riding the 650B bike and have come to some conclusions. Here they are in no particular order. Shimano has no competition. Stan's has no competition. Front suspension is a great feature but even better when it works. I have now replaced my suspension fork with the X-Fusion Velvet and am very impressed. That fork works great, damping is amazing, lock out works and the Syntace 15mm skewer is very simple. I will snap a few photos this weekend.

- 06/01/2012

So with the winter being consumed by my house I was a bit set back with my Ti prototyping. I had intentions to be up and running by this March but that came and went. Anyway with us moving I got right back to it.

- 05/23/2012

Since this is my third post this month I feel it is fitting that it is an update more than a post of random thoughts. We (my family) have officially moved into our house so that is one thing that is behind me. In front of me is a list of bikes to make, a third floor to get finished and a bicycle to ride. Hopefully the bicycle does not get sidelined since it is what happened the last 6 months.

- 05/17/2012

So I might have mentioned my favorite movie of all time is High Fidelity. It is not for its cinematography or its incredible acting (although it is good) but it is for the fact that the movie is like a version of my life. The retail aspect of the movie is incredible and sings to me.

- 05/03/2012

I am somewhat of a hypocrite when it comes to technology. On one side I tend to stick with good old trusty stuff like machines from the 40's, vernier or dial calipers, transformer welder over my inverter welder, etc, etc. I admit however that I like newer digital stuff like my Canon G10 and my iPhone. This week marks the end of our old desk top computer and DSL for the interweb. FIOS has arrived and I admit it is a killer change over DSL. It seems rock solid, fast and once the new computer arrives I think it will really shine.

- 04/21/2012

I find the less you update the blog the more it becomes an easy thing to avoid. I really was in a good groove and updating each week. Then you get busy and let a few weeks go by. I am now doing a monthly update which better not become a seasonal update and then a yearly update!

- 03/31/2012

They say 40 is the new 30. Good thing since today I am 40. Or as my brother says it is my 20th annual celebration of my 20th birthday. I am not sure which seems older?? Never had any issues with turning 30 and now turning 40 seems even less dramatic. No time for a mid life crisis!

Had a very productive week with Carl's disc commuter. Got the bike welded all the basic brazing is done and now I am waiting for the Tubus racks to come in and the light so I can work on wiring and location of the mounts. Here are some pictures from the week:

- 03/23/2012

In the world that I spend my days the term G.C. is often used three times a year. It stands for General Classification and is the person leading the race in a stage event such as the 3 grand tours. So come July the term G.C. is used often. It represents the person "winning" the Tour de France. Recently the letters G.C. have taken on a whole new meaning. They stand for GENERAL CONTRACTOR.