Current Work Archive

- 04/21/2012

I find the less you update the blog the more it becomes an easy thing to avoid. I really was in a good groove and updating each week. Then you get busy and let a few weeks go by. I am now doing a monthly update which better not become a seasonal update and then a yearly update!

- 03/31/2012

They say 40 is the new 30. Good thing since today I am 40. Or as my brother says it is my 20th annual celebration of my 20th birthday. I am not sure which seems older?? Never had any issues with turning 30 and now turning 40 seems even less dramatic. No time for a mid life crisis!

Had a very productive week with Carl's disc commuter. Got the bike welded all the basic brazing is done and now I am waiting for the Tubus racks to come in and the light so I can work on wiring and location of the mounts. Here are some pictures from the week:

- 03/23/2012

In the world that I spend my days the term G.C. is often used three times a year. It stands for General Classification and is the person leading the race in a stage event such as the 3 grand tours. So come July the term G.C. is used often. It represents the person "winning" the Tour de France. Recently the letters G.C. have taken on a whole new meaning. They stand for GENERAL CONTRACTOR.

- 02/11/2012

Where to start? I have a laundry list of stuff going on and will try to make it all flow into one post. Speaking of flow here is a mtb I am building and the goal is to maintain a flow that goes from front to rear. It is a 650b mtb that is for someone who is vertically challenged which in turn makes for a bike with a tall front end but requires being low everywhere else. I like the result and hope Cassie rides the crap out of it.

- 01/20/2012

Wow is this year moving along at an insane rate. I can not believe we are into January with no snow and the big news being a 1" dropping tomorrow. That hardly seems news worthy to me. I am sorry for the lack of updates but I have been working on my house as well as making bicycles. It is hard since I feel I use a good amount of my creative juices at work and then I go to our house and need to keep up the same part of my brain while working on the house.

- 01/03/2012

What a year. Being a parent has been a really amazing experience. I am struggling to find enough time in the day but it is all worth it. The bicycle industry had an interesting year with the economy below average and for us the weather was really rough. In the end we had a nice December and the weather gods paid us back for an awful August and spring.

- 12/08/2011

Somehow I have been rather prolific this year. Despite being a new dad and having a rather hectic life I have still actually kept ahead of schedule. This extra time has allowed me to forge ahead with my goal of having the Ti bikes ready for 2012. I am not rushing but have a goal and I really want to meet it. This week I am making a bike for my buddy Shawn who has always been one of my main test people. Shawn is a rather accomplished rider and has a rich history in the MTB world. His comments are always welcome and he has helped me get great feedback on how the bikes work.

- 11/29/2011

Always been a fan of the simplicity of the Ducati Monster Black. I am not totally a Ducati fan but that model captured out of the box what a lot of people were looking for. Simple, no thrills but well executed. This bicycle featured today is as stealth as a bicycle could be. The only de-branding we did was take the stickers off the DT rims. The rest is just a non in your face logo design. Almost an entirely USA and EU made bicycle. Tires, tubes handlebar, calipers and chain are the only exceptions.

- 11/09/2011

Where have I been?? Well I have been working like a mad man trying to introduce some new products for next year. It was a hard decision but I have given up on the idea of a fully welded stainless MTB. It did however make me revisit the Ti bikes and have been working on getting everything where I like it.

- 10/06/2011

About 1 month ago the bike shop's POS (Point Of Sale) which really is an acronym for three other words decided it would stop working. This is the 3rd time this year the CPU crapped out except this time it was on a Saturday. This means we can not accept credit cards which is kind of an issue. What started as a CPU replacement quickly snowballed into a complete system revamp when it became apparent that nothing made 7 years ago is compatible with something made today. Just Wed. morning we got the entire system back up and running. That is an insane amount of time.