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- 09/23/2011

The New York Times has a Friday quiz. This week it is a test to see how good your grunge music stupid fact knowledge is. Here is a link to the test:

I apparently am a grunge fan!! Yes it might be a generational thing but it was not hard for me to get most of the answers. I was not very good at the producer questions but other than that I was getting them right.

- 09/20/2011

Last Thursday at 4:00pm the fall season arrived. The humidity dropped, the temp dropped and the summer was over. August was a bit of a letdown with all the rain and September is not much less wet. This past weekend however the weather was super and the smell of fall was in the air.

Post season baseball, crisp sleeping weather and all kinds of food that I love. Octoberfest beers are soon to come.

- 09/08/2011

Since when did cross become a summer sport!!! I hardly consider myself a person stuck in the good old days but this early season cross racing seems crazy. I remember when Labor Day was when you stopped riding your road bike and switched to only riding your cross bike. We called it N.B.C. (Nothing But Cross). Corny but was something we all looked forward to. Now the race season begins the weekend after labor day!

- 09/03/2011

There is a type of person who always finds excitement in taking things to the limit. This is a personality trait that is hard to keep at bay. This bike is made for someone that wants to take it to the extreme limit. I suspect this bike could get many people in trouble by allowing speeds that are clearly out of control but (a) you either don't realize it or (b) you actually don't care and wanted to go that fast. I look forward to hearing about all-day epic journeys which included a 1 hour downhill.

- 08/31/2011

Today is my son Jack's birthday. Technically, as I write this it is literally his birthday to the minute. It was a crazy year that went by lightning fast. He had the good fortune of spending the day with his mother since Andrea took off from work to make sure it was a great first birthday.

They went to Smith Memorial Playground located in Fairmount Park near the Strawberry Mansion to meet his two cousins Emery and Eyan. This picture was sent to me while they were at the playground. It appears he is very busy and having a good old time.

- 08/24/2011

After an interesting week off (which was mostly consumed by being rear ended in upstate NJ) it is back to the bench. I have some cool bikes coming up and also Todd had been getting some very nice bikes back from paint. Tuesday however had a highlight of a different kind. I really enjoy baseball and luckily most of my friends know this. My webmaster Nick had some tickets and knew he would not use them. His brother Chuck (the photographer of the site) was now the new owner of the tickets. Well lucky for me and unlucky for Chuck he could not use them. Next in line was myself and Ed.

- 08/11/2011

I got a call from Enve Composites about 3 weeks ago saying they made a last minute decision to attend Eurobike and wanted to know if I could get them a bike by August 15th. Well I knew this would be a very difficult deadline to meet but said yes. I had just called in a favor with Todd on a warranty paint job so had my doubts but this bike was delivered to Todd last Friday and was back yesterday!

- 08/04/2011

I am taking a small vacation in mid August and wanted to leave with nothing in the works. I have finished all the in process bikes and have held off on starting the next one. I have a replacement fork to build for an unfortunate drive thru overpass mishap and will include a stem and seat post during that work. Maybe if time permits I will make a couple small tools I have had on my mind.

- 07/28/2011

This is a killer video. It is so amazing on a ton of levels. The cinematography is incredible for a budget video. The music is well done and the topic is great. This gentleman (and he is a true gentleman) is a dying breed and it is great to know he exists. I would love to think that I can be like him in 30 years. As for his mother who is even tougher than he is words can not explain. She is still getting her hands dirty! I hope everyone enjoys watching it.

- 07/19/2011

Man have I dropped the ball on the blogging thing. For those that might actually read this I assume you have all but given up on me. Luckily the website is so well designed (thanks Nick) it also includes the Flickr site which I am rather consistent about.

Since it has been a good while I am not sure where to begin. Went to a few Phillies games. One was with Jack and he got his certificate for his first Phillies game (which they won 14-1 against the Braves!).