Current Work Archive

- 05/15/2011

So who guessed who the bike I am building is for? It is kind of easy to figure out since there are some comments on my Flickr page that really give it away. Like I said it is someone that adds a huge amount of personality to the bicycle industry. He annoys some and humors many but few can deny he has created a following.

- 05/11/2011

I have been in a good groove. Got the 953 bike done and kept moving right along. I have Marianna's bike welded and fork welded. Now I will do all the brazing for both tomorrow. If time permits I will also finish her stem and make the seatpost.

- 05/01/2011

It appears that spring has arrived. Just in time for May which is rather late, but I will take it. Next weekend is my first (and only) attempt at making Andrea's first mother's day special. I was kind of hoping the tandem would we finished but that is on hold so I can get customers bikes back from paint. We can still figure out a nice day and hopefully include a bike ride with Jack in a trailer.

- 04/27/2011

I am working on a lugged stainless 29R now. It is at the request of the owner that I use the 953 tubes instead of the now preferred KVA stainless. The Reynolds is just crazy hard to keep an inventory on (this is my last actual tubeset) and they are really poor with meeting delivery times. The stuff is a great material but I really like the folks at KVA and their product.

- 04/15/2011

I usually listen to a local commercial free radio station WXPN while at work. Sometimes it is NPR but all in all this radio station offers a great mix of tunes and singer song writer music.

- 03/27/2011

Here is a few interviews that were done in Austin. I always feel weird watching myself on video but these seem to be a decent set of questions and answers. Lets see if I can get the links to work.....

- 03/13/2011

This was without a doubt one of the best interviews I have had. Chris (Embrocation) did all those quotes without a recorder and he did a great job of asking both Rody and I good questions that he really did some homework on.

The photos are good (considering how hard that is at these events) and seemed to make it very creative for a technical and probably boring interview for many non technical people. Here is a link:

- 03/12/2011

There is a thread on bikerumor that has some interesting comments. I will start with a link to the article:

- 03/01/2011

Austin is one great town! The golden oasis that is in the middle of Texas. We had incredible service (hotel, coffee shops, taxi's, etc, etc) and much better weather than back home. The trip was short and very busy but Austin is a place I would not mind returning.

- 02/23/2011

Tomorrow EARLY morning Andrea, Jack and I are off to Texas. It will be Jack's first flight (obviously he is 6 months old) and we are prepared for it to be rough. Hopefully all the tricks people tell you actually work and he handles everything well.

Here are some teaser shots of David's bike. I think it is a rather sweet rig and I love knowing it will get ridden hard. I will update if I have a chance but I kind of stink at that kind of stuff. The smart phone makes it easier but typing on those things can get rough.