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Current Work Archive

- 12/05/2010

I have started the final bike I am taking to NAHBS. The tandem is still lingering with all its finish work but as I said before my goal is to have the bikes all off to paint by the end of the calendar year.

- 11/30/2010

The bicycle industry has lots of levels. Retail, racing, commuting, suppliers and of course manufacturing. I love the bicycle industry and also have made some genuine friends over the years. There are a few people I have gained incredible respect for.

Three people really stand out and I would like to pay homage to them and give a little prop for each one.

- 11/27/2010

What a crazy year to date. On top of having our son Jack I have actually been rather prolific for a one man operation. I have made 32 bikes so far and that includes about 30 forks, stems and seat posts. I have also made a bunch of tools and somehow become a father as well. I do know where I acquired this time.

- 11/24/2010

This little thing will take me longer than I want but will make me feel better than buying an off the shelf one. Keeping with my membership in SOPWAMTOS (Society Of People Who Actually Make Their Own Shit).

- 11/22/2010

I rarely take any additional days off but today (more like middle of the night) I started to feel ill and am hoping a day on the couch with some movies will get me back on track.

- 11/20/2010

Each year I bring customers' bikes to shows like NAHBS and this year the Philadelphia Expo. This year the one thing that seems odd and a current trend is customers giving me carte blanche on the paint. As much as I love this it is beginning to stress me out that I need to come up with 5 original paint schemes that each customer will love. Luckily I have been given some good guidance from each person as to what colors or color they have a preference for.

- 11/17/2010

So it begins! I caved, or did I just accept the truth? Facebook seems to be many if not most peoples communication of choice. My webmaster has been hounding me to get this going.

So with that here is my Facebook page:

It is new to me so please bare with me on adding content and such. I literally have not used anything on Facebook ever so it is all new to me.

- 11/08/2010

The Philadelphia Expo was a success.

The weekend was Halloween so the theme seemed to be very festive and everyone appeared to be having a great time. I had a private open house for all the exhibitors which was also a very fun time. It was great to see people that I usually only see once a year at NAHBS. Mike Flanigan of ANT was a last minute addition to the exhibitor list which was very exciting.

I had a new booth and if I can figure out how to add photos from another person steam I will add some cool photos.

- 10/20/2010

My mom and many people from her generation call them bicycles built for two. Today I started making a bicycle built for two!

Making tandems can be a time sink but if you have the correct tooling the process moves along at a much better pace. I don't build a lot of tandems (about 1 a year) but if the popularity picked up I would need to streamline my process.

- 10/14/2010

Hard to believe I am already working on the bikes for NAHBS!

Last year with the comfort of having NAHBS in Richmond,Virgina I seemed to time everything a bit too close. This year I am trying to get all the bikes done earlier so there are no rush jobs with Todd. I can put a lot of pressure on him and I would like to avoid that.