Current Work Archive

- 11/08/2010

The Philadelphia Expo was a success.

The weekend was Halloween so the theme seemed to be very festive and everyone appeared to be having a great time. I had a private open house for all the exhibitors which was also a very fun time. It was great to see people that I usually only see once a year at NAHBS. Mike Flanigan of ANT was a last minute addition to the exhibitor list which was very exciting.

I had a new booth and if I can figure out how to add photos from another person steam I will add some cool photos.

- 10/20/2010

My mom and many people from her generation call them bicycles built for two. Today I started making a bicycle built for two!

Making tandems can be a time sink but if you have the correct tooling the process moves along at a much better pace. I don't build a lot of tandems (about 1 a year) but if the popularity picked up I would need to streamline my process.

- 10/14/2010

Hard to believe I am already working on the bikes for NAHBS!

Last year with the comfort of having NAHBS in Richmond,Virgina I seemed to time everything a bit too close. This year I am trying to get all the bikes done earlier so there are no rush jobs with Todd. I can put a lot of pressure on him and I would like to avoid that.

- 09/25/2010

This bikes paint theme was inspired by Team Gulf of the LeMans race scene.

They hay had Ford and Porsche cars painted with many themes that use these colors. The strips are also very race car like and the front headtube area is the hood of the car. It was a situation where the headbadge was just not going to work on the bike. Getting raced this weekend I hope Ken finds it to ride as well as it looks. Good luck.

- 09/15/2010

I had a goal of doing PBP 2011 but have a strong suspicion that it will not be reached. What is the next best thing??

- 09/03/2010

Andrea and I went for the surprise ending and his name is Jack Patrick Guldalian.

Born August 31, 2010 at 9:04pm.

Here are some photos about 2 hours after birth.

2 hours after birth

- 08/29/2010

Want to read a mini bio about myself and the business? Ask a questions?

Here is a forum that started a unique question/answer board that allows people to read about someone and ask questions. It is my turn to be on top of the soap box so please read it and if you are a member of Velocipede Salon ask a question.

- 08/28/2010

Still no baby but I might get Shawn's bike done so I can leave the shop with a clean slate.

After waiting a few days and doing odds and ends in the shop I decided the baby has a different agenda and was not in any rush. Got Shawn's bike welded and now will do the braze-ons and drop-outs today. In a perfect world I will finish the bike and leave the shop for my mini maternity leave with a clean slate. It will be nice if I even have time to clean the shop so I can return to no loose ends and a shop ready to get rolling again. Here are some photos of Shawn's bike.

- 08/25/2010

Went to the hospital yesterday just to get sent home again.

Had a doctor over react to one of Andrea's comments and 6 hours later we had another doctor send us home. What a day.

It is hard to start any projects so I went to getting some things organized. This cabinet I bought at a flea market for $30 and it now holds all my small frame parts. It has all the drop outs, braze-ons, bolts and a few other misc items. Took a while to get it all organized but is very well divided and works great. Seemed like a good way to spent the day.

- 08/23/2010

No baby still. Due date came and went this weekend.