Current Work Archive

- 08/13/2010

I think I was a bit too technical in my last post so this is a simpler explanation.

- 08/10/2010

Well I spent a week plus trying to make myself happy with a Ti rear assembly and ultimately I gave up.

- 07/31/2010

Jeff sent me some photos of his road bike all built up.

It is rare that I do not see a bike to completion so when I get photos of them it always makes me feel better. The ride report is the icing on the cake. These photos are rather cool so I hope Jeff does not mind me sharing them with the world. The bridge is somewhere in N.J.

- 07/27/2010

The last week of the tour was good but not as great as the first two weeks.

- 07/21/2010

I had a week of waiting for some drop outs and made the best of it.

I have 2 bikes in a row that need stainless drop outs and Mark at Paragon is doing his best to get me them ASAP. This week in limbo I made a bunch of stuff that has been on my mind for some time now. I also am making Shai a fork I had told him I would build if I had extra time (which I usually do not).

First I made some major improvements on my unicrown mitering fixture. Here is the end result.

- 07/10/2010

I got a few e-mails from people and felt they needed to be quoted on the interweb.

First up is a bicycle that was delivered last year that has had some great use and I am excited to get this e-mail after one year:

"Today is the first birthday of my Engin, so I thought I'd let you know how she is doing. She is great! I've ridden about 3500 miles in the past year, and my Engin is going strong. I've replaced the tires and chain, but everything else is original. Thanks for making this beautiful bike for me. I look forward to many more years of riding."

- 06/29/2010

I am not sure how to comment on the UCI.

The way the rules work is kind of odd. Disc brakes are what this is about so I will use them as my example.

- 06/22/2010

I have started the cross bikes for the 2010 season.

This August my first child is entering the world and I wanted a head start on the cross bikes. I had a few attempts to get some people back in the queue after putting things on delay for economical reasons but that has always proven to be a hard thing accomplish. Seems to never work out. Anyway it worked out for the better since I have 5 cross bikes that I want delivered before the season is underway and now I should be good to go.

- 06/10/2010

Nick's road bike is waiting for a paint scheme. He is a graphics person and super busy now.

Karen's bike is waiting for a paint decision as well. Luckily there are 3 bikes at paint in front of these bikes and we have some time to spare. Here are some shots of the frames waiting to get packed up, maybe it will help inspire the answers.

- 06/04/2010

Received this e-mail from a recent customer. I thought they were some very kind words.


"Just wanted to write a few words on my new Engin bicycle.

I have around 225 mile on it so far.

First, the obvious; its beautiful. The frame, paint & accessories are fantastic. I do not get tired of looking at it.

But more important obviously is the ride. The verdict so far is “super.”