Philadelphia Bicycle Expo

Old idea, new city and great venue. Due to the efforts of the Bilenky crew the Philly Bike Expo has become a reality.

After wishing Philadelphia was chosen for the 2010 NAHBS Simon Firth and I wondered if there was a venue in Philadelphia that could host an everything bicycle event? Stephen felt this idea had merit and went forward with what will hopefully become a long standing event. Modeled after the Seattle and San Francisco Expos it will be an event that includes everything bicycle. Seminars, manufacturers, local shops, framebuilders, clubs and local non-profit advocacy groups will all be welcome. Here is the website which will get updated as more people get on board and sign up:

We will be hosting a private party that will run during the weekend which will welcome the framebuilders coming into town for the event. It will be a tribute party to Terry Bill of Reynolds tubing. He is a 40-year veteran that will retire this August 2010.

Hope to see tons of people there.