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- 05/11/10

Cirque is around the corner. Join us at Leesburg,VA June 4-6th for an event that celebrates the bicycle in a unique way.

Started by Dale Brown this event is always a good time. It is a bicycle get together of sorts that has everything from some of the oldest racing style bikes to the latest creation out of some of the current builders shops. I really enjoy the event and go for more personal enjoyment than anything else. Here is a link to the website:

Hope to see some of you there.

- 03/01/10

Lugged MTB wins best off-road at NAHBS '10

The weekend was a huge success and Richmond put on a great show. Saturday was crazy and there were plenty of people from the Philadelphia area. Sunday during the awards the 953 bike won best off-road bicycle. Just for those that might think it was a showpiece here is a photo just 24hrs later from the owner saying maybe the trails are a bit rough but the bike felt great.

- 10/21/09

Hard to believe the time has come for NAHBS.

Mark your calendar it is time for the North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS). For more info please visit

I look forward to seeing lots of people there.


- 09/20/09

Open House Oct. 17th. 2009

Starting around 4pm (feel free to show up early--I really do not mind) the shop will be open for visitors. There will be some food and home brew (Eric Morgan will be making this and his beer is EXCELLENT). The idea is to have 1) a reason for me to clean the shop and 2) an opportunity for people to visit the shop and ask questions as well as see where their future bike might get made.

The open house will last until around 7pm or when I need to get home and rest up for the cyclo-cross race in the AM (not racing just helping).

- 09/09/09

Men's and Women's t-shirts back in stock.

- 08/09/09

Wissahickon Cross

Don't forget to sign up for our cross race this October 19th. You can register on bike-reg: