Wait Time

UPDATE 12/16/2017 : There will be an open window of 15 bicycles to be purchased in 2018. These bicycles are all complete bicycles only and the order must be given in person. There will be no remote purchases available. Once the 15 bicycles are sold it will be closed again until 2019. Delivery for those bicycles is roughly 1 year.


The process of fitting can only be done in person. A visit to the shop is so important. A face to face visit can allow the best bicycle possible and that is always our goal.


Base price is $4000 for a custom titanium frame with a satin finish. Paint on all titanium bicycles is additional. Due to the length of the wait your deposit does not guarantee the final price when your bicycle comes up in the queue, which also allows us to make changes throughout the waiting process, but it certainly won't be more than a minor increase to account for things like paint, cost of materials, etc.  All drop outs (geared, disc, rocking single speed, 142 x 12mm, etc), either head tube standard (44.1mm or 33.9mm I.D.), and custom crank spider are included in the price.

The stem, seat post, spider, and fork options are only available with a frame purchase, not as standalone options. Pricing on these options vary according to design.

Here is a list of some of the common options (this is added to base price):

  • Butted Titanium: $500
  • Custom paint: starting at $100
  • Stems: $350 (Titianium)
  • Seatposts: $250 (Titanium)
  • Forks: starting at $250 (Cromoly)
  • S&S couplers: starting at $1000
  • Tandem quotes available

Complete Bicycles

Every Engin bicycle is available as a complete bike with professional assembly. Hand-built wheels using the rims and hubs of choice are also available. We strongly recommend this option as wheelbuilding is one of our specialties; we feel the hand-built wheels are the final complement to the tailor-made bicycle. The price of the complete bike with components is determined at the time of assembly since component pricing can change during the time between deposit and delivery.


Every Engin bicycle frame comes with a lifetime warranty for any defects in craftsmanship, and a five-year warranty for any material defects. This warranty policy is valid only for the original owner and does not cover failures or damage caused by abuse, misuse or rust. Non-warranty repairs are done at a reduced rate. Frames should be dis-assembled prior to repair; repair costs do not include re-assembly of the bike.